Are Over The Counter Diet Pills Really Safe?

Are Weight Loss Pills Really Safe

Do you know if the weight loss pills you are using are really safe?

With the popularity and number of new weight loss supplements hitting the market growing bigger and bigger each year, it is rather difficult for the average fitness enthusiast to determine which one will actually help them lose weight.

Now, if you are lucky and are able to find that one which works well for you, how sure can distinguish between safe diet pills and ones that may cause harmful side effects?

And are there different types of side effects that can be expected from over the counter supplements versus prescriptions?

In order to help you find the a quality supplement that not only works for you, but also is safe, you need to understand what each of the different types of supplements can actually do for you and how they work.

How Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Before getting into the safety of the various weight loss products on the market, let’s start out by taking a look at how most of the popular diet supplements out there today that are effective.

There are several different pathways in which you can lose weight and most slimming products incorporate ingredients that tackle one or more of these.

Some diet products help to block the fats that you ingest from being absorbed into your body and these are naturally called fat blockers or lipid inhibitors.

Others help to control your urge to eat so you can create a caloric deficit to coax your body to start burning fat for fuel, which fall under the category of appetite suppressant pills.

And then there is the most popular variety which helps to raise your metabolic rate for an increase in the overall number of calories that you are able to burn throughout the day, also referred to as fat burners.

Let’s take a closer look at the specific details of each of these types of fat loss supplements.

1. Block Fat From Being Absorbed

Some of the more popular weight loss products coming onto the market in recent years help to work as fat blockers.

Fat blocking agents will help you to get rid of your body fat by preventing a certain percentage of the dietary fats you ingest from being absorbed.

When using this classification of weight loss supplement, key ingredients such as Chitosan and Orlistat enter into your digestive system and bind with the fat in the food that you have eaten.

What this does is helps to prevent the absorption of the dietary fats you ingested by the body, which in turn helps to prevent it from being stored as body fat.

Side Effects of Fat Blockers

While this all sounds good, there is a downside because taking a fat blocking agent may also block important nutrients that need to be absorbed by your body.

This is why it is important to take an additional multivitamin supplement to compensate for this loss.

Another downside to fat blockers is that the fat that bound to the key ingredients in your supplement will have to be excreted out of the body.

This process often this happens through uncontrolled bowel movements with accompanied stomach pains and a lot of embarrassment; just ask anyone who has used Alli and they can attest to this.

Popular Fat Blocking Supplements:

  • Alli
  • Xenical
  • Chitosan

2. Suppress Appetite for Hunger Control

One of the most sought after weight loss supplements on the market today work as appetite suppressants, helping to control your urge to eat when you know you shouldn’t.

These types of diet pills help to decrease your appetite by influencing your body’s chemicals and hormones, helping to mislead your brain and send signals of fullness.

Appetite suppressants either take away the hungry feeling by interrupting your body’s hunger signals to the brain or by making you feel fuller more quickly by controlling your serotonin uptake. Your brain is literally distracted so it will not feel the need to eat any more food.

Side Effects of Appetite Suppressants

But are appetite suppressants without any side effects?

Well, the use of these supplements have been reported to come with varying degrees of side effects, ranging from nervousness to the more serious problems in some rare cases such as heart palpitations.

Serious side effects are rarely seen with natural supplements, but are more dominant among prescription diet pills such as Qsymia and Fastin.

In addition, they are not recommended for any type of long term use as some people can develop a dependency on these supplements, taking away from the effectiveness that they once had.

Popular Appetite Suppressants:

3. Boost Metabolic Rate

Okay, now we are getting to the good stuff.

Though there are lots of natural ways to increase your metabolism, most people still prefer the ease of taking a supplement to help speed up their metabolic rate in hopes of producing faster results.

This is why diet pills that help to speed up your metabolism like fat burners are so popular.

One of the most common ingredients in these types of weight loss supplements is some type of stimulant, usually in the form of 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine, Synephrine HCL or Citrus Aurantium (Bitter Orange).

These components stimulate your body to release hormones into your bloodstream and speed up your metabolism and give you a boost in energy.

Although you will feel the initial rush of positive effects when taking metabolic boosters, you should not overdo it with these types of supplements.

Side Effects of Metabolic Boosters

The body has its own ability to regulate itself and constantly stimulating (and in some cases over-stimulating) it might cause opposite effect of what you want it to do in the first place.

Metabolism boosting supplements should be taken in moderation; otherwise, their effectiveness will not be enjoyed to the fullest and will hurt your progress in the long run.

It is best to “cycle” any type of belly fat burning supplements, taking them for up to 12 weeks at a time before taking at least four weeks off.

This will give your body a chance to avoid burnout and will help you to avoid becoming immune to the effects of the stimulants contained in them.

Most Popular Metabolic Boosters:

Can A Supplement Be Both Effective and Safe?

In the end, the truth is that most fat loss supplements can be both safe and effective when used as directed.

They can help you jumpstart your weight loss if you have hit a plateau and can even help to get you motivated right from the beginning.

However, if you overuse and abuse these supplements, they will backfire and cause you side effects which may range from mild to serious or even fatal.

So, if you are considering using weight loss supplements in your program, the choice is yours to make and it is best to consult your doctor or weight loss specialist about this.

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