A Beginner’s Guide to Belly Fat Burners

Belly Fat Burning Supplements Guide

Want an easy to understand overview of fat burning supplements for quick weight loss?

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It’s no surprise that belly fat burner supplements have recently become one of the hottest topics and most popular options for those who want to lose stubborn excess fat from around their midsection.

Fat loss supplements are available literally everywhere, from your local health food store to your local grocery store.

That’s just how popular they really are today.

But the one thing that you need to remember though is that fat burners are not a magical way can melt your extra pounds.

It’s just not possible to lose the weight that you want from around your belly just by simply popping a pill every day and not taking any type of active approach.

The truth is that fat burners are merely nutritional supplements that are intended to help boost your metabolism in a natural and safe way.

This may help to speed up the process of losing weight and burning off any excess body fat, but only adjunct to a weight loss program including a healthy diet and a regular weekly exercise program.

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What Are Fat Burners?

To start out with, fat burners, or thermogenics as they are more popularly known, are supplements that are designed to activate your metabolism while helping to suppress your appetite at the same time.

These products are usually composed of a proprietary blend of different ingredients such as herbs and pharmacological produced substances.

Most fat burning agents include stimulants such as Caffeine or Yohimbine HCL, which cause your body temperature to rise to help boost  the process of burning off calories during physical activities.

Fat burners are also geared to help you increase your BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate, which is the rate at which you burn calories while at rest.

While any increase in your BMR that you get from an over the counter supplement may not be substantial, it is still a significant factor in the process of your weight loss success.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

This particular type of weight loss supplement usually contains high amounts of stimulants such as caffeine, which is relatively safe for consumption for most individuals.

But in some cases, such as for those who are sensitive to the effects of stimulants or those who may be taking other medications, fat burning supplements may cause several side effects if they are not taken with precaution.

Side effects are also dose dependent, so reading the label of a particular product and not taking any more than the recommended maximum daily dose is extremely important.

IMPORTANT: The side effects from overdosing on any type of fat burner pills that contain stimulants may include:

  • Heart Palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Brief Bouts Of Dizziness
  • Some Cases of an Increase In Blood Pressure

This is why for the sake of safety,  you should always consult with your health care provider before starting any type of substance to help you lose weight and also be sure to strictly follow the directions provided by the supplement manufacturer.

RESOURCE: One of the most popular fat burning supplements on the market was none other than the ECA stack, which included the popular fat burner Ephedrine. Click Here for the lowdown on ECA from Wikipedia.

How Do They Work?

Fat burners are said to help to burn calories as heat (thermogenesis) through several pathways.

They have been touted to help to:

  • Increase Your Metabolism
  • Suppress Your Appetite
  • Stimulate The Release Of Adrenaline

There have actually been some good actual scientific studies providing evidence to back up these claims.

The only downside is that some of the diet pills studied, such as Ephedrine and Phentermine are extremely potent and should be used with caution.

RESOURCE: Here is a good study on the effects of Ma Huang on fat burning and weight loss: An herbal supplement containing Ma Huang-Guarana for weight loss: a randomized, double-blind trial.

If you are considering taking these types of supplements, it is best that you consult your doctor about it and get the facts straight from a professional. This way, you can get the facts on questions like:

  • What is the proper dosage you should take?
  • When is the best time should you take them?
  • How long should you take them for optimum fat loss?
  • What are the side effects that you should expect from the product?

Supplements Aside: Are There Any Fat Burning Foods?

Aside from the typical diet pills that you can buy over the counter to help you burn fat such as Green Coffee and Hoodia Gordonii, there are actually some all natural foods that you can use to help you burn fat too.

If you eat these foods along with taking your fat burning supplements, you will maximize their effectiveness and speed up your results.

Some of the all natural fat burning foods you could choose include:

  • Grapefruit – contains a compound which helps regulate insulin (a fat storage hormone in the body) and anything that helps regulate insulin can also help in losing weight. Eating half a grapefruit before every meal is enough to help you lose weight. You can peel and segment it and add to your spinach salad or you can take it in its raw state if you can handle a little bitterness.
  • Almonds – you can take a handful of whole almonds to boost your fat burning or you can chop them and top it to your porridge or leafy salad.
  • Pears – contain very high fiber giving you a feeling of fullness keeping you from wanting to overeat. You can slice the pear and add it to your leafy salad.
  • Navy Beans – contains resistant starches; they are great fat burners. A diet that includes navy beans can burn 25% more fat than a diet which does not contain them. You can puree navy beans and then sauté them with garlic and shallots in olive oil.
  • Chocolate – dark chocolate, more specifically, is high in anti-oxidants that may help to prevent fat build up in the body.

Fat Burning Guide Wrap-Up

Supplements that act as fat burners may not be applicable for everybody, but for the majority of dieters they are effective tools in any weight loss program.

However, remember that they are to be used as a supplement and cannot replace a sound weight loss program that includes a healthy diet and exercise program.

When used in conjunction with some of the fat burning foods mentioned above, they can be one of the best supplements to help speed up your weight loss.

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