5 Best Exercises to Help You Burn Calories And Lose Belly Fat Fast!

Best Exercises To Help Burn Belly Fat

Are you wasting your time trying to burn belly fat by doing the wrong exercises in your workout?

Are you currently in the process of putting together a workout program to help melt off all of that excess weight you’re trying to get rid of?

Well, you can save yourself a lot of time and energy by focusing on and including the best exercises to lose belly fat into your routine.

You see, not all exercises out there are created equal, so it’s vital that you are able to separates the exercises that are going to get you results from the ones that are just going to be a waste of time.

Focus Only On Doing The Best Exercises

By focusing all of your efforts on doing the most effective exercises that are going to help you burn large amounts of belly fat, while leaving out those that are just a waste of time, you’re going to be able to reach your goal much faster.

But which ones are best?

The main things that you’ll always want to look for when carefully selecting the exercises for your routine are as follows:

  1. They target multiple muscle groups all at once
  2. They provide a great amount of resistance (for strength based exercises)
  3. They raise your heart rate high enough

If an exercise accomplishes these three things, it’s definitely going to be able to take you one step closer to a lean and toned physique.

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that none of the following exercises on this list are going to target the abs directly.

Why is that?

This is because when it comes to shedding belly fat, you’ll see the best results with movements that will help to boost your metabolism the most and burn the greatest number of calories.

Any type of abdominal exercise is not going to provide the type of intensity that you need to burn large amounts of belly fat, so that is why you must turn to more beneficial options.

So with that said, let’s take a look at some of the absolute top exercises that you will definitely want to include in your routine.

1. Squats

Woman Squatting For Fat Loss

Everyone will agree that when it comes to training your lower body, nothing will beat squats.

Squats are the most effective leg exercise and are also considered a total body exercise because they target the glutes, hamstrings, quads and even your core and back muscles all at once.

This is why squats are simply a massive calorie burner for anyone who wants to get into shape fast.

In addition to hitting multiple muscle groups for an intense calorie burn, you are going to get all of the benefits of an increase in overall body strength as well, since you will be able to lift a considerable amount of weight during this exercise.

This is why squats really go a long way towards increasing your performance in any other activities that you might do.

2. Lunges

Burn Fat With Lunges

Next on the list of best exercises for fat loss is one of everybody’s favorites; lunges.

Lunges are great for burning a lot of calories while really shaping and toning-up all of the muscles in your lower body.

And at the same time you will be giving your core muscles a great workout too.

When doing lunges, you’ll have to really focus on maintaining your balance as you step across the floor.

So you’ll really get a lot of upper body and core involvement which means that you’ll definitely move closer to getting those six-pack abs when you include lunges in your routine.

3. Push-Ups

Pushups For Fat Loss

Switching it up to an upper body exercise now, you really can’t go wrong with push-ups.

Push-ups are considered a compound fat burning exercise for the upper body because it works multiple muscles such as the chest, shoulders and triceps.

In addition to working out those muscles, you will also get a lot of abdominal involvement because your abs will have to stay contracted while raising and lowering yourself from the floor.

This makes push-ups a great exercise for toning up your upper body as well as a great strengthening exercise for your core.

4. Pull-Ups

Pullups For Fat Burning

When trying to burn off that belly fat, pull-ups are the second upper body exercise that you will want to include in your routine.

Pull-ups are a great bodyweight exercise that will target your back and biceps, the two muscles that aren’t really worked to any extent during push-ups.

So pull-ups will balance out your push-ups to round out the upper body portion of your workout routine.

Pull-ups are an exercise that will demand a high degree of strength and will definitely create a good metabolic response in the body.

5. Uphill Sprints (The Best!)

Uphill Sprints To Lose Belly Fat

Finally, when it comes to one of the best exercises to lose belly fat, uphill sprinting is at the top of the list.

Uphill sprints are absolutely ideal because normal sprinting on a flat surface is considered one of the best ways to increase your daily calorie burn.

When you add the incline of a hill into the picture, you’re going to multiply the benefits because of the profound increase in overall intensity and muscle exertion.

And as an added benefit, you will also see some great increases in strength in your leg muscles as well.

Adding uphill sprints into your fat loss routine at least two times per week is really going to help you see a considerable difference not only in your fat loss, but also in your overall performance as well.

Get To It!

Any or all of the exercises listed above will definitely make a huge difference in helping you lose belly fat so including them in your workout routine is essential.

So take a good look over your current fat loss training regimen and see if there are any adjustments that you need to make and add any of these exercises as needed.

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