8 Ways to Diet More Effectively For Quick Weight Loss

Ways To Diet More Effectively

What’s the most effective way to diet for quick weight loss that actually lasts?

Experts say that losing weight and getting into shape is on the minds of at least 30% of Americans.

Some may claim that number to be much higher, especially around the first of the year when people get all fired up and make New Year’s resolutions.

That percentage may also be much higher the closer it gets to beach season, especially in some of the cooler climate areas where people typically hibernate over the cold winter months.

Regardless of the actual statistics, if you are one of the people who need to shed a few pounds and have weight loss on your mind, then you know how it feels when the extra pounds start to sap your energy.

And you may also be aware of the effects of carrying around the extra weight has on your health, such as adding to the likelihood that you may develop heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and joint problems.

All of which, make very good reasons to take the necessary steps to get the weight off once and for all.

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Why Is Dieting So Tough?

The reason that we have so much trouble losing those extra pounds can be boiled down to several specific causes, and each must be individually dealt with in order for you to be successful.

Trying to simply “diet” by cutting back on calories alone will end up being an uphill struggle.

And even if you accomplish your goal and your target weight is achieved, the pounds will return because the truth is that a calorie reduction weight loss system is simply unsustainable.

So, what should you do?

Here are eight of the quickest ways to get to the bottom of your weight loss struggles and finally keep the weight off for the long haul, all without the struggle.

1. Work On Creating A Positive Self-Image

Positive Self Image Weight Loss

The first step to promoting long lasting change is to create a positive self image.

Someone who has been overweight for any length of time has become familiar with that particular personality.

So in this case, you need to develop a vision of yourself as a lean, vibrant and healthy person.

Improving your self-image is a spiritual process that can take many forms, so deciding on which one will be best for you will depend on your personal interests.

Meditation, yoga, dance or sports may play the leading role in your personal transformation, whatever works for you.

Some form of professional counseling may even be necessary to get down to the root cause of your problems and correct a poor self-image, whether it relates to past relationship problems or childhood incidences.

2. Eat A Healthy Mediterranean Style Diet

Mediterranean Diet For Weight Loss

Let’s face the facts: The Standard American Diet (SAD) undoubtedly contributes to obesity.

From the overly large portions that they serve in most restaurants, to fast food meals that are high in refined carbohydrates, preservatives and trans-fats, all of these factors contribute to the obesity epidemic.

Americans should eat moderate portions based on the Mediterranean Diet.

Lean cuts of meat, fibrous low-glycemic carbohydrates and lots of green and leafy vegetables are the preferred food choices for a natural and healthy fat loss diet.

3. Eat Slowly and Eat Less

Eat Slowly For Weight Loss

People often eat purely for some type of underlying emotional reason that hasn’t been dealt with yet.

That’s why it’s common to eat “comfort foods” in order to make you feel good.

And that, in and of itself, is not all that bad.

The problem arises when the portions of these meals become out of control.

So how can you still enjoy the foods you love and not gain any weight?

Eating slowly is a tactic used by many nutrition professionals that can really help your to feel satisfied without overeating.

It is often recommended to set a count for the times you chew your food, for instance twenty.

This easy trick will get you in the habit of eating much slower and in turn, enjoying your meal more while eating less food at each sitting.

4. Stop Eating Close To Bedtime

Eating Close To Bed Time

Your metabolism slows down as the hours of the day pass, so it only makes sense not to eat for at least five hours before you lay down to go to sleep.

Some experts also recommend not drinking any beverages except water for the last two hours either.

During the later part of the day, your digestion systems need down time to recover.

This might be a tougher habit to break because of the fact that many of us are used to eating throughout the evening while watching television programs or movies.

With some self discipline, ending your meals early will get easier with time and will definitely have a big impact on your body.

5. Exercise More Often

Exercise Often For Fast Fat Loss

When it comes to the best ways to boost your metabolism for fat loss, this point is obvious but it cannot be overemphasized.

In order for your body to start burning fat stored for energy, the energy that is expended through exercise must always be greater than the energy that is taken in from food and drink throughout the day.

So, there’s no way to experience quick and sustainable fat loss without a sufficient amount of exercise each and every day.

Increasing the metabolism through exercise is critical, so make it a point to get some form of exercise every day, even if it’s just a brisk walk outside for a half hour.

As a side note, if you have not been on an exercise program before, you should get your doctor’s approval, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose.

6. Manage Your Stress Effectively

Effectively Manage Stress For Weight Loss

There’s no doubt that we live in a stressful society today.

First off, there are stresses of personal life like relationships.

Then there are also the stresses like times of an economic downturn where the economy falters, corporations send their work overseas and jobs are lost, stress then becomes an epidemic.

No matter what the scenario, when there is a huge amount of change in your personal life, or society in general, it’s easy to turn to food as an escape from the fear that this unmanaged change creates.

And what better way to cope with the stresses of life than with lots of those “comfort foods” to quell your pain and frustration.

So, what’s the best way to manage the stresses of everyday life other than food?

Luckily, one of the best stress relief activities is any form of exercise.

You can also take a less strenuous approach to dealing with stress such as by taking yoga or a meditation class.

This will help to center your mind and help you to become more grounded and relaxed.

7. Manage Any Underlying Health Conditions

Talk To A Doctor About Underlying Conditions

Sometimes people struggle to lose weight because of an underlying health condition that prevents them from making any progress.

Hypothyroidism and other hormonal issues or diseases can significantly lower your metabolism and contribute to fat storage in the body.

This is another reason to talk to a medical professional before starting a weight loss program so you can rule out any underlying condition that may prevent you from losing weight.

8. Stop Blaming Your Genetics

Stop Blaming Your Genetics Weright Loss

There is a slim chance that there could be some type of genetic factor that is keeping you from losing weight.

Yes, there are people out there who inherit genes that make them more susceptible to weight gain.

But in reality, what we inherit from our patents is a poor self-image, along with bad habits like overeating, using food as a way to deal with stress and living sedentary lives.

So stop the blame game and start taking action.

So, What’s The Best Way To Diet?

The quickest way to effective and long-term weight loss may include a sound diet and training program, but the key issues in this article also need to be addressed.

While addressing all of the issues listed above will not always guarantee fat loss success, not addressing them will almost always guarantee that your goal weight is not achieved or if achieved, you won’t be able to maintain is for very long.

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