5 Easy Ways To Make Healthy Fat Loss Even Faster Than Ever!

Are you looking for the latest inside scoop on quick and healthy fat loss?

Anytime you think of healthy weight loss you probably think of traditional methods that will take forever.

But weight loss that’s healthy doesn’t have to take long and can actually be a quick process.

In this article we’re going to cover five ways in which you can lose belly fat both effectively and also in a healthy manner.

Healthy Fat Loss In 5 Easy Steps

To start things off, here is some important and interesting information about brown adipose tissue that recently made the news.

There were two recent studies in the New England Journal of Medicine that has caught the interest of the media concerning a rare form of fat tissue which is thermogenically active and could be able to burn excess energy.

There was also an interesting article in Time Magazine with the headline that said “Brown Fat: A Fat That Helps You Lose Weight?”

How true could this actually be?

According to Alice Park, the author of the article that appeared in Time, “our bodies also make a unique form of fat tissue that behaves remarkably unlike any other: rather than storing excess energy, this fat actually burns through it.”

So there you have it; a fat that actually burns fat.

RESOURCE: You can read the full article in Time Magazine on the fat burning fat: Brown Fat: A Fat That Helps You Lose Weight?

But the catch is that unlike the early times when people didn’t have any real adequate type of clothing, we live in a world where we have the necessities to keep us protected from the freezing temperatures.

So people in modern day society don’t really have the same amount of this brown fatty tissue that was prevalent thousands of years ago.

So since we are in another place and time, if you want to lose your excess body fat, follow these proven strategies that many of the weight loss experts recommend.

1. Prioritize Strength Training

Building lean muscle mass through resistance strength training is one of the best ways to increase metabolism and start melting your belly fat away.

By slowly introducing a resistance exercise program into your weight loss routine, it will not only make you a lot stronger, but it will also increase your metabolic rate.

When your metabolism naturally increases, it will consequently enable your body to start burning of more body fat and ultimately lead to quicker fat loss.

If you don’t currently incorporate any type of weight work into your routine then be sure to start out slow and work your way up.

This will ensure that you remain free from injury and achieve the weight loss success that you are after.

2. Make Healthy Changes to Your Diet

After implementing some weight work into your fat loss routine, start adding healthier options into your diet.

Most people make the biggest weight loss mistake of trying to start on a strict diet right from the start.

Trying to do too much too soon will only kill your motivation to keep going and eventually lead to failure, leaving you feeling disappointed in yourself.

So when it comes to the nutrition part of your weight loss program, start out slow and then continue on a steady pace.

Make sure that you include a lot of fibrous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower and if you are going to include complex carbohydrates, then opt for whole grains instead of the refined variety.

A study conducted in 2009 showed that people with the highest consumption of whole grains have 2.4% less body fat than those with the lowest consumption.

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3. Include High Intensity Fat Burning Exercises

Now it’s time to intensify the results of your weight training routine and your diet program by adding some high intensity cardio intervals into your program.

Interval training includes alternating short bursts of high intensity exercise with slightly longer intervals of lower intensity movements such as walking or jogging.

For example, you can do an interval workout that includes 1 minute of all-out sprinting followed by a light jog for 2 minutes, repeating until you have completed a 20 minute session.

For the sake of variety, you can try substituting running stairs or stadium bleachers for the sprints and get even more out of your cardio session.

A hardcore routine like this should increase the amount of body fat that you could burn and speed up your weight loss by leaps and bounds.

4. Have A 5-6 Smaller Meals Per Day

Once you have the above tips in order, it's time to fine-tune that diet a little bit more.

The quickest way to slim down naturally is to simply shoot for five to six smaller meals per day instead of the usual three that most people eat.

This will help to keep your metabolism working overtime and consistently burning up calories throughout the day.

The greatest benefit of this style of eating is the prevention of fat accumulation due to excess calories eaten in a single meal.

When you split your meals up into smaller portions, your body is able to use the nutrients more efficiently as fuel so less will go toward fat storage.

Small frequent meals is also the key to keeping the weight off and the trick to overcoming any weight loss plateaus.

One thing to remember is that breakfast should always be your biggest meal of the day and you should never skip it.

After that, decrease the overall size of each meal as the day goes on;  your last meals should be your smallest.

5. Don’t Rush Your Progress

Okay, now that aces are in places make sure that you take your time!

The turtle always beats the hare in the race and this same principle applies to achieving your weight loss goals too.

It is best to achieve the type of permanent weight loss results that you are after by taking your time and doing it right the first time.

Even if you start out to fast and end up losing a bunch of weight at the beginning of your program, you will be more likely to hit a plateau quickly and eventually end up quitting.

So take your time and do it right the first time.


Remember, this is a lifestyle change that you are after and that is the key to healthy and long term weight loss!

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