3 Simple Diet Tricks To Lose Weight and Get Healthy!

Lose Weight Get Healthy

Do you want to know how to lose weight and get healthy without crash diets?

By now, you may have learned to accept the fact that when it comes to nutrition, fad diets are great for getting your weight loss program going in the beginning, but simply don’t work in the long run.

And the truth is, these types of diets sometimes don’t even work in the short run.

This is because even if you do lose weight on them, you usually end up gaining it back sooner or later, meaning the overall results are null.

Therefore, you have to face the fact that any nutrition changes you make must be permanent in order to be truly effective.

Here are three quick and easy diet changes that anyone can stick to in order to lose weight and keep it off for good.

1. Make Water Your Beverage Of Choice

Healthy Fit Woman Drinking Water

It’s a biological fact that your body has to burn calories to digest your food.

Now, there are certain foods that burn more calories than others, such as what is referred to as negative calorie foods like broccoli and other fibrous green veggies.

But when you drink sugary sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices, or any other typical beverage that is loaded with simple sugars or has empty calories in it, there’s almost no work involved in the process of digesting it.

The net caloric gain of sugar filled drinks is probably the highest of any food out there.

Also, unless you exercise directly after consuming these types of beverages, you’re not going to use those simple carbohydrates for energy.

This means that your body is going to convert all of those calories to fat instead.

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Water on the other hand, has no calories of its own, and if it’s cold, will cause your body to actually burn calories heating it up so it can process it.

It’s good for your skin, helps you metabolize the rest of the food you eat and, if you have a fountain at work and a sport bottle, is cheaper than anything you can get at the vending machine.

Now, if your sweet tooth is killing you, you can supplement your water regimen with any zero-calorie drink such as diet sodas, coffee or tea with healthy natural sweeteners.

But you should really try to consume at least eight ounces of pure filtered water per hour that you’re awake for healthy weight loss.

2. Cut Out The Refined Grains

Healthy Whole Grain Carbs

After you’ve gotten used to your new habit of drinking mostly cold, crisp water without any sugary drinks, the next step is to get rid of refined carbohydrates and other high glycemic foods.

Refined carbohydrates, or grains, include all forms of sugar, but also breads and cereals made from white flour, including most bagels, muffins, croissants, white pasta, and pretty much any bread that isn’t made from whole grain sources.

While they may be not as tasty and sweet, eating refined white carbs is pretty much the same as eating the equivalent amount of sugar, as far as weight gain is concerned.

But be careful and watch out for imposters when shopping for whole grain carbs.

A lot of brown breads may say “wheat” on the label, but are really just unbleached wheat flour or just plain white flour with molasses mixed in.

Make sure the first ingredient on the list says either “whole wheat” or “whole grain.” When in doubt, walk away.

This isn’t easy, as the vast majority of restaurants, both sit-down and fast food varieties, use refined rather than whole grains.

But it’s your body and you have a right to know what goes in it, so don’t be afraid to ask the service staff what kind of bread and pasta options they have.

Also, you can be far more sure of what you are eating, and save money in the process, if you prepare more of your meals yourself.

3. Time Your Meals Properly

Meal Timing For Healthy Weight Loss

According to your body’s own natural biorhythm, your metabolism slows down as the day goes on.

Later in the day, your body will naturally convert more of the food you eat, especially carbohydrates, into fat.

This is why meal timing is so important when you are trying to lose fat.

One of the easiest ways to plan out your diet to coincide with your metabolism is to front-load your meals.

You can do this by making breakfast the biggest meal of the day and then slowly diminishing each of your meals and snacks as the day goes on.

Also, since your body uses up less energy as the day goes on, you should make a point to avoid carbohydrates in the evening, choosing only low carb foods.

As a rule of thumb, this means no grains of any kind, even if they are complex.

The only exception to this rule is if you perform some type of resistance weight training later on in the evening.

In that case, you can consume some form of complex carbohydrate before your workout for the necessary energy requirements.

Final Thoughts

Adhere to these three basic principles and you’ll find maintaining a respectable waistline doesn’t require you to suffer any longer.

And if you start slowly and add them to your lifestyle one at a time, you will adjust to them easily with great results.

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