How to Speed Up Your Metabolism For Faster Fat Loss With Weight Training!

How to speed up your metabolism with weight training workouts

Are you looking for the best way to speed up your metabolism with weight training workouts?

In this article, instead of looking at using different diet methods or fat loss supplements to help you lose weight, we’re going to take a look at 10 very awesome workout tips that are going to ignite your metabolism and help you incinerate your belly fat.

I highly recommend that you give these 10 workout tips to try, but beware, some have reported that these tips have worked almost too well.

So without any further ado, here are 10 awesome workout tips to help speed up your metabolism and melt your belly fat like butter in a skillet.

1. Focus on Free Weight Exercises

First and foremost, the first thing to do is give the treadmill a rest and go ahead and leave the boot camps and aerobics classes for a rainy day.

It’s time to get serious about accelerating weight loss so you can finally start making some extraordinary results that you can amaze your family and friends with.

And although bodyweight exercises have their time and place in a weight loss routine, the only way you are going to get the absolute best results in the quickest amount of time possible is with good old-fashioned free weight resistance exercises.

And this means both men and women here folks.

So if you’re a woman who’s reading this and think that lifting weights is going to bulk you up, then there is a lot to be learned.

The only way a woman is going to build extraordinarily big muscles is if they take anabolic steroids or some other type of performance enhancing pharmaceutical such as growth hormone.

So there is no way that a normal everyday woman is going to bulk up from lifting weights alone.

And in a case where someone does in fact start to gain some bulk, the problem always lies within the diet and not the actual weight training.

With that said, the good news is that due to the sheer amount of calories burned in a single workout session, weight training is the absolute best way to speed up your metabolism and ignite the fat burning process.

An average weight training session will actually burn more calories than trotting long on the treadmill, taking an aerobic or Spinning class or attending a parking lot boot camps at 4am.

2. Stick to Compound Exercises

Okay, now that we have the most important point out of the way let’s dive into the details.

Since we’re going to be focusing mainly on a weight training routine, you need to know what types of exercises you need to start out with in order to help crank up your metabolism and get the fat burning.

There are two types of weight lifting exercises that you can focus on:

  • Compound Exercises: Most free-weight exercise like squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, clean and press
  • Isolation Exercises: Most machine exercises and some isolated dumbbell exercises

Now when you goal is to speed up your metabolism, it’s best to focus on the multi-joint compound movements and leave the isolation exercises far later when you are already lean and just want to keep toning up.

You can still use isolation exercises in your workouts though, just at the end of you session as a finishing movement to tone up the muscles and get a good pump.

Compound exercises are elementary in cranking up your metabolism because they recruit the greatest amount of muscle involvement in each movement, so you are going to get the greatest amount of calorie burn and VO2 output.

So as an example, you should shoot to perform barbell squats instead of leg extensions to shape up your legs.

Not only are you going to burn more calories this way, you are also going to get the greater benefit of shaping up your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves all in one exercise.

It’s the same thing with upper body too.

Aim for bench presses and dips instead of isolation exercises such are flys and kickbacks.

The compound exercises will require more muscle involvement and greater energy expenditure, therefore burning 2x’s as many calories.

Here is a good basic rule to follow.

The more muscles an exercise involves and the greater amount of weight that you are able to use during the exercise, the greater effect the exercise is going to have on juicing up your metabolism.

3. Perform Super-Sets, Tri-Sets and Giant-Sets

Okay now that we have established that you need to lift weights and also perform compound movements as opposed to isolation exercises, you also need to know that you must utilize the power of performing multiple exercises back to back for the ultimate metabolism boosting effect.

The best way to perform supersets or multiple exercises back-to-back is to focus on training antagonistic muscle groups.

This means that you would perform a back exercise followed by a chest exercise and a biceps exercise followed by a triceps exercise.

You get the picture; just perform exercises for two opposing muscle groups back-to-back.

Now that’s a superset.

It’s even better to perform tri-sets and better yet giant sets.

So if you’re going to perform a giant set, you would do and exercise for your back immediately followed by an exercise for your chest and then perform an exercise for your biceps immediately followed by an exercise for your triceps.

Once you have completed all four exercises back-to-back in a cyclical fashion, you would start from the beginning again.

You will soon find out that performing four exercises in a back-to-back fashion will take more wind out of you and leave you gasping for air more than any boot camp or aerobics class every could.

Plus, because you’re working more muscles in the body, you’ll be burning more calories than you could ever imagine.

Another great benefit of performing these types of multiple exercises all in a row is that you are able to burn a greater amount of calories in the least amount of time.

So your workouts don’t have to be an hour-long in order to get the metabolism boosting effect that you are looking for.

Short and sweet is all that it takes in order to keep your heart rate cranked it to blast your fat away.

4. Keep Your Repetitions Between 12 and 15

Now this is where most people get it wrong and where the confusion arises with women putting on muscle mass.

You need to remember to keep your repetitions for all of your exercises between 12 and 15 for the greatest amount of calorie burning in fat torching benefit.

When you keep your weights to heavy in your repetitions between six and eight like so many inexperienced trainers will tell you, then you run the risk of putting on muscle mass and attaining a bulkier look.

The goal here is to burn more calories and tone the muscle by hitting a higher number of slow twitch muscle fibers.

Your goal should still be to lift as heavy as possible within these rep ranges so don’t think that you can lift light and boost your metabolism at the same time.

No, you still need a high level of intensity which means lifting a weight that challenges you to perform all 12 to 15 repetitions.

This will give you the greatest calorie burning effect and help to melt away your belly fat and reveal your lean and sexy muscle tone.

5. Keep Your Rest Periods Short Between Sets

This is another area where most people get it wrong and end up wasting their time in the gym.

So many people make the big mistake of taking too much time between sets to socialize and catch up on the latest gossip.

But they fail to realize that they’re wasting precious time that they could be hyping up the metabolism to incinerate belly fat fast.

If you only keep your rest periods short, let’s say between 30 and 60 seconds between sets, you are going to be able to keep your heart rate elevated enough and force your muscles to work harder during a training session.

This will in turn yield you the greatest possible results in the quickest amount of time.

By resting too long you risk letting your heart rate fall out of the fat burning zone and also let your muscles recover too much between sets.

Your goal is to keep your metabolism pumped up and force your muscles and overall body to work harder and pump out more steam.

And it really doesn’t matter which body parts you’re working either.

So even if you’re training legs, which require the greatest amount of energy expenditure, you still must shoot for 30 to 60 seconds of rest between sets.

This may be a bit difficult to get used to, but the results you achieve will be nothing short of miraculous.

6. Aim For 10 to 12 Total Exercises in Each Session

Research has indicated that performing ten to twelve exercises in a single session is the optimum level that a trainee can perform at while maintaining maximum intensity throughout the session without burning out.

This is also why you should aim to perform multi-joint compound exercises such as squats, lunges, upper body dips and standing straight bar curls in your workouts.

If you try to get the same effect while performing isolation exercises, you’ll literally need to perform 20 exercises per session and your work out will take two hours to complete, leaving you over-trained and burned out.

So stick to compound exercises, keep your intensity high and keep yourself moving consistently throughout your workout in order to keep your metabolism burning and the fat melting.

7. Perform Full Body Workouts

Okay now on to more specifics about your workouts.

The best way to burn the most amount of calories you get the greatest metabolism boosting effect is to train every body part in each workout.

This may be contradictory to what most of the so-called fitness gurus will tell you, but this is the absolute truth to getting the greatest metabolism firing affect from your training session.

The key point to remember is to start out with the largest muscle groups, which are the legs, and then work your way down to the smaller muscles such as biceps and triceps.

This way, you get the greatest calorie burning effect while also utilizing the majority of your energy on the most important and toughest exercises first.

If you tried it any other way you just wouldn’t have enough power output to complete the exercises involving your legs properly and with enough intensity to get a metabolism-boosting effect if you did them at the end of your workout.

8. Utilize Cardio as a Catalyst to Your Weight Training Sessions

Doing way too much cardio has to be one of the biggest mistakes that people make in their quest to lose weight, burn fat and get into the best shape of their life.

You’ll see these people running like hamsters on a wheel, day after day, week after week, and month after month on treadmills and elliptical.

And the reality is that six months down the line they still look the same.

This is because cardio is only beneficial if you add extra muscle mass to your frame.

If you neglect to put on even amounts of muscle and keep doing cardio day after day, your body eventually adapts to it and quits burning any excess calories that you may be aiming for.

So by focusing on weight training first, you add a little extra muscle mass which will help you burn a whole lot more calories both during your cardio sessions and even while at rest throughout the day (BMR).

This is the great thing about weight training. Just by adding a pound of muscle you can increase your metabolism and the number of calories that your body burns throughout the day, even while you sleep.

So keep the cardio secondary and focus on weight training first.

9. Perform Cardio Sessions First Thing in the Morning

If there was one secret to getting the maximum benefit from your cardio sessions then this is it.

After your body has depleted itself of any blood sugar and glycogen stores during your six to eight hours of sleep, there are two types of fuel left for it to use when you wake up in the morning.

Either your stored body fat or lean muscle tissue.

So, if you perform a cardio exercise such as the treadmill or elliptical first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and stay within 60 to 75% of your maximum heart rate (aerobic zone), your body will tap into your body fat stores for fuel.

It is important to stay within this heart rate range though, because if you wander into an anaerobic heart rate zone, you run the risk of burning your all-important muscle tissue.

And remember that exercises such as running are anaerobic and will leave you with negative effects (skinny-fat), so your goal should be to walk at a brisk pace on a treadmill or elliptical machine.

10. Keep Your Cardio Sessions Under an Hour

Okay, last here on the list is to keep your cardio training sessions less than 60 min. for maximum fat burning and metabolism boosting effect.

The greater goal to shoot for is about 40 minutes.

Going any longer than an hour first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will leave you running the risk of overtraining and will lead to burning out.

So, be sure to keep your morning cardio sessions between 40 and 60 minutes to ensure that you’re burning pure fat while also avoiding overtraining.

And remember that you are getting the maximum benefits from your weight training sessions, so cardio is only a supplement to your core resistance training workouts.

Start Speeding Up Your Metabolism Today!

So there you have it: 10 ways to boost your metabolism and melt the fat away once and for all.

Implement these tips into your daily routine on a consistent basis and you’ll surely speed up your metabolism and get the lean and sexy body that you’ve always dreamed about!

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