5 Weight Loss Mistakes That Will Surely Ruin Your Waistline!

The Worst Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

Are these weight loss mistakes keeping you from attaining your ideal weight?

Do you find yourself struggling day in and day out to lose weight but are not seeing the results you deserve?

Are you sick and tired of working harder each day by eating healthier and exercise more, only to find yourself repeatedly losing the battle over the bulge?

Why does losing weight have to be such a struggle?

It all may have to do with that fact that you are making a few simple weight loss mistakes, most of which you probably don’t even know that you are doing.

In this article, we’ve laid out are a few of the worst mistakes that you can make trying to lose weight so you can identify them and then easily make the necessary changes to get yourself on the right track.

1. Buying Low Fat or Fat-Free Snacks

Low Fat Pudding Weight Loss

Believing that snacks labeled as low-fat or fat-free are healthier for you and will help you lose weight quicker is one of the biggest mistakes that so many health conscious people make every single day.

The truth about any food product that is labeled low-fat or fat-free is going to be a big surprise, because you will eventually find out what’s hiding behind those low calorie labels.

When the natural fat content of a food product is reduced, it needs to be replaced with something that will make up for the loss or the consistency and taste of the food will be highly compromised.

In most cases, the fat normally contained in your favorite snack foods is typically replaced with sugars.

These high-glycemic carbohydrates will cause a rapid rise in blood sugar causing you to have a massive sugar high followed by an intense crash.

Those sugars will also be stored as belly fat, since in most cases your body won’t be able to use them immediately for energy.

You’ll also get a nasty rebound hunger spell that comes shortly thereafter, leaving you craving more sugar.

So what’s the alternative?

If you’re in the mood for something that’s normally off-limits, simply follow your cravings allow yourself to consume that full-fatted desert.

But the key is to limit this to just once in a while, such as only one time per week on a designated day.

The longer you maintain a healthy diet, the more your energy levels improve and more your cravings will start to decrease as well.

2. Trying To Be an Armchair Dietitian

Weight Loss Dietitian With Apple

Another thing that will definitely sabotage your efforts to lose weight is trying to play dietitian and figure out your own nutritional needs.

If you’re like most people, then you probably tend to view popular diet programs on a surface level, which sounds easy.

But in reality, planning a personalized diet specific to your nutritional needs is more complex than just going by what you think is best.

If you are serious about boosting your metabolism, losing a large amount of belly fat and getting into the best shape of your life, then you should do what is truly best for you.

At least schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian for a one time consultation to get a perspective from a trained professional.

Your registered dietitian or nutrition consultant will have the level of knowledge as well as the proper tools needed to help you plan the perfect diet for your specific needs.

Through a diet program that is specific to your personal needs, you will begin to notice just how much faster you are progressing than your peers who are simply following the latest popular fad.

3. Depriving Yourself of Sleep

Sleep Deprivation Weight Loss

There are so many studies out there that have proven the fact that if you don’t get enough sleep at night then you may have a really rough time losing weight.

Not only that, but it may also lead to weight gain. [1]

Statistics show that with poor sleeping habits you’ll lose an average of 2.5x’s less belly fat as well as have a lot harder time trying to slim down than if you would get the recommended 6 to 7 hours each night.

So, how much sleep is best?

You’ve probably heard time and time again that you need at least 8 full hours of sleep each night.

While this is true for some, if you are a healthy individual who is trying to lose belly fat then getting between 6 and 7 hours will be optimum.

4. Drinking Diet Soda

Diet Soda Pop Slows Weight Loss

There are a lot of people out there who think that drinking diet soda is okay when you are trying to lose weight in a healthy way.

But the truth is, both regular sugar filled sodas and artificially sweetened diet sodas are equally bad for you if you are trying to slim down and get healthy.

If your goal is trim down as much as you can off of your waistline as fast as possible, losing your unsightly muffin top and revealing your six pack abs, you need to steer clear of carbonated beverages as a whole.

Statistics show that people who tend to drink soft-drinks everyday are far more likely to suffer from various health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. [2]

And on top of that, people who choose to drink diet soda will have a belly that expands up to 5x’s faster than those smart dieters that drink natural alternatives such as lemon water or green tea.

So if you are addicted to any bubbly beverages, make it a point to start slowly substituting healthier options so you can kick the habit over time.

5. Doing Too Much Cardio

Excessive Cardio Hinders Weight Loss

This is one of the worst mistakes that most people make when trying to slim down, especially those who are in desperation.

The common misconception is that if a little bit of exercise is good then a lot of exercise is even better.

But this mindset will quickly get you into trouble when your body reaches the point of overtraining and it stops burning fat.

Then combine that with the fact that so many people who are trying to initially lose weight or break through a plateau think that starving themselves is the best way to burn fat.

Too much exercise and too little calories will quickly lead to burnout and then the awful rebound weight gain that soon follows.

Cardiovascular exercise is essential for burning fat but it should be incorporated into your routine in a methodical manner.

Start out slow and then make small increases in duration over time, eventually peaking at about an hour per session.

Anything over that is going to be overkill and return diminishing results.

Get on the Fast Track Today!

As you can see, there are a few primary mistakes that will hold you back and keep you from hitting your weight loss goals anytime soon.

Simple things like drinking soda, sleep deprivation, putting your faith in fat-free foods and trying to be your own dietitian (especially if you are new to dieting) can be what’s holding you back from the weight loss you deserve.

So try to improve upon any or all of these key areas and you will soon see your weight loss goals becoming a reality!

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